Wednesday, June 6, 2012

project results

This is a collection of our project results, each of them described in an individual post as well.
This overview serves as a center for downloading the individual documents:

Project Flyers

Country reports: 
Austria (German)
Germany - general (German)
Germany - Berlin special (German)
Italy (Italian)
Portugal (Portuguese)
Summary of Country Reports (English)

Student reports: 
Outcome of meeting in Tolmezzo (Italy)
Outcome of meeting in Berlin (Germany), Italian students
Outcome of meeting in Berlin (Germany) , Portuguese students
Outcome of meeting in Lisbon (Portugal)
Outcome of meeting in Vienna (Austria, blog article)

Other results: 
Presentation of the country report from Portugal
A song text written during the night activities in Berlin

Newsletter from July 27th, 2012: (in German) 
Newsletter from June 3oth, 2011: (in German)

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